The heart of Gdynia

Feel the urban pulse

Popular public space, a specific meeting point – this is what Batory really is. It is not a coincidence that it is situated on the route along which tourists march on their way from the train station and on the route of local customers who pop in to do some shopping. Batory dictates trends, tempts with its sale offers, invites people for various events, defines the city’s character and absorbs the positive energy of the city. The closeness of the sea and Świętojańska Street creates a friendly, unique atmosphere – urban, but lively, pleasant and inspiring to search for your own fashion style and to make quick decisions when browsing among shelves and hangers in shops. Batory Shopping Centre offers a comfortable and quick shopping experience without the necessity to wander hundreds of kilometres in crowded alleys. It is a place where you can not only create a completely new fashion look for yourself, but also simply pop in to have a quick cup of coffee and a dessert, whenever you want to relax.

Comfort and easy access – this is what really matters when you want to spend your time on things closest to your heart.