MS Batory – The Lucky Ship

Still an enchanting story

MS Batory seems to be unforgettable because it is still admirable and inspiring for many people. This ocean liner called Lucky Ship is a living legend – a legend about luxury, memorable moments, and freedom that comes from the sea. This „sailing lounge” represented everything that the Polish culture could be proud of in the first half of the XX century.

All lounges, the smoking room and the chapel along with all details were designed by leading Polish artists. Even menus were perfect down to the smallest detail. It is not surprising that many dreamt about a voyage on the deck of MS Batory, where you could simply feel the high life. It has been decades since the maiden voyage on 18 May 1936 from Gdynia to New York took place; however, the dream remains the same.


Many people still dream about a luxury ship voyage to faraway countries with their personal bag full of the most elegant clothes, most valuable jewellery and most exquisite fragrances. Simply speaking, this is a world in which the sublime dominates over the everyday life.

This Batory, which inspires, frees from a daily routine and makes you dream, still affects the atmosphere of our Batory Shopping Centre.