Batory will operate to a limited extent

Dear customers, in connection with the introduction by the Minister of Health of the regulation on the state of epidemic threat and the decision of the Prime Minister to temporarily suspend the operation of shopping centers, we would like to inform you that from March 14, 2020 to March 28, 2020 (with the possibility of extension), Batory will operate to a limited extent. Open will be, among others a supermarket, a drugstore and other retail outlets that may operate in accordance with the Regulation.

                SPAR (new supermarket) at . 9:00-21:00

                ROSSMANN at 9:00-20:00

                ZOO KARINA at 10:00-18:00

               OPTICIAN at 10:00-18:00

                ZIAJA at 9:00-18:00

                ŚWIAT PRASY at 9:00-19:00

                SPHINX only delivery at 11:00-21:00

                POLMED at. 7:00-20:00

                DENTUS  at 8:00-20:00